Designing Customer Ordered Software

In some businesses, depending their type and function, there is not any right software to meet their needs, or because of the complexity of their process, existing software just answers some of their needs. Hence, business owners often struggle with problems that they would never face if they had suitable software. Hence, with the development of technology and customer-centric services, companies are creating software for their organizations. At first glance, this may be costly but if it is properly managed and analyzed, it will have a favorable result for each set of which the most important is saving time and money after deployment of the software. Ryan Vira is honored to be a companion for all sorts of organization such as corporative, productive, factories and so on to produce their required software. In order to get familiar with this process, we would like to draw your attention to the following steps:
1- Holding a meeting with organization’s managers
2- Considering organization’s required items and registering them
3- Analyzing discussed issues
4- Providing a suitable solution for meeting the needs and requirements of customers
5- Consultation with the employer on how to implement
6- Contracting
7- Starting a product in companion with the supervision and examination of the employer
8- The production of final product
9- Installing, running and performing initial tests
10- Delivery of software to the employer with 100% of its ability to execute
11- Mutual understanding for continuous supporting of the product
12- accompaniment with the employer permanently
We hope that by presenting an efficient product we can assist all active organizations throughout our beloved country. You can contact us and consult with our experts by using telephone numbers or the company’s email. We are waiting for you.

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