The company’s policy

Rayan Ta’amin Vira Company by relying on youth power and today knowledge in the field of broad activities in different parts such as Information technology and industrial services has been created in 1396 spring and hopes that by complying with company’s policy tracks the path of progress with the satisfaction of its clients and coworkers and reaches to the mountains of knowledge and progress.
1. We and client are from the same family
• Identifying real demands, strength and weaknesses of contracting companies and presenting suitable solutions in the framework of contract.
• Doing projects and contracts effectively and efficiently in the shortest time possible and within the framework of contract terms.
2. Trying to achieve to a multi-national and without boundary company.
• Trying to achieve and implement the latest common scientific and technical breakthroughs in the field of the company’s activity.
3. Company’s goals are prior to personal goals.
• Each person in each position can suggest their opinions about the progress of collection.
4. Keeping balance between triple benefits of clients, staffs and organization.
5. Being unsatisfied with current situation and continuous effort to progress.
With commitment and following the company’s policy I expect that with effort and concord of all managers and staffs and by considering these goals, take a better and more effective step in this regard.